First, there have been a few layout changes to the site. Hopefully they will improve usage on mobile (at least, that was the goal). I'm tired of thinking about styling, which suggests that I probably have too much and need to start over.

Second, I encountered what I believe to be my first RSS feed behind Cloudflare this week. Since I pull RSS over Tor, Cloudflare decided that I must be evil, and served me a CAPTCHA. How is one going to maliciously abuse a static page? And, more importantly, how is an RSS feeder (especially one that runs on the command line like mine does) supposed to handle feeding the user a CAPTCHA?

Next, each post on this blog (yes, including this one) has been retrofitted with tags. This turned out to be the easiest way to generate filtered streams to dump into blog aggregators. (If you are from one of these aggregators: hello!) I don't really want my content filtered normally, so I'm not advertising these on the site at the moment. I may change this stance in the future, but for the moment they can be found if you look for them.

Jekyll (the framework I use for this site) has handling of tags which I would describe as "least effort". As far as I can tell, each page has a list of tag attributes, and then the site aggregates (at build time) a mapping of tags to pages. With a little bit of work, I've got each post displaying this information as well. I don't know if this information is actually useful, since I don't know if I want to enable easy filtering based on it, but it does seem a shame to hide it.

And to close out this post with an excuse for a pun: I have a bird aggregator device in the back yard now. I can watch it from my desk which is nice, but in the winter at night I mostly just notice that it's running low.